Hand made, ethically sourced art and craft items from around the UK and beyond.

You’ve caught us out! We’re not quite ready yet but since you’re here now, we’d like to tell you something about us and what’s on the way.

We’re a well travelled family that enjoys searching out those special little artesan products that you can only find if you head off the beaten track. Over the years we’ve met a lot of artists, weavers, potters, carvers, jewellery makers, soapsters, tailors and even candle stick makers, and many are now good friends.

It recently became obvious, when our eldest came back from Australia, that the family should all get together to share our love of crafts and wares with everyone else so we decided to start this little business, Portobello Fox.

The idea is to help our friends, the artists, crafters and makers of unique and beautiful things, to sell their wares. We’re just getting all the pictures taken and the goodies catalogued to go on the website and then everyone can see what we’ve found.

Along the way, we’ve also come across quite a few interesting antiques and some unique and wonderfully quirky little items that you rarely see anymore.  We’ll have those in the shop as well.  Just the thing for eccentric collectors of eclectic delights, and for those that are hard to buy a present for.

We’ll also be looking for new friends who make things by hand, to add their goods to the site.  So if you do and you’d like to sell your wares, please send us a quick message so we can get in touch.

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