About us

So, who are we?  We are a family, who love travelling, buying nice things and spending time together, usually walking over hills or sitting round the table together munching and laughing together.  We are, of course, by no means the Waltons, we are a normal family who argue over the dishwasher and the hoovering!

One of the things we love doing on our travels is buying quirky stuff, be it something different food wise or a handmade plate with lumps and bumps we love it!  We try to support Artisanal producers and when we travel around Morocco and Spain we always make a point of buying direct from the guys that make the stuff, rather than from a supplier. We feel it is important to give the producer the best price with no middle man.

Our plan is to bring you some great stuff, made by some really funky, great people who love what they do (and it shows in the stuff that they make).